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ATOS Clinic Heidelberg’s International Office – For our patients from all over the world

Germany’s reputation for medicine is globally admired, while the historic city of Heidelberg attracts tourists from around the world. ATOS Clinic Heidelberg thus combines both our beautiful city and our reliable medical services to warmly welcome our patients who’ve arrived from all over.
At ATOS Clinic Heidelberg, we’ve built a reputation for excellent medical diagnostics and successful treatments and operations through our high level of service and customer care. Our international office is just one example of our commitment to each of our patients, allowing us to address the concerns of our international patients since our office’s establishment in 2013. 
If you live abroad but you’re seeking medical treatment in Germany, each of our International Office employees are happy to be your contact point and provide you with all necessary information. We’re also happy to speak with expats or those who’ve been living and working in Germany for some time now and are considering receiving medical treatment here in Germany.

International ATOS Heidelberg

Our International Office Services

We understand that the decision to seek medical treatment abroad can be daunting – we all prefer to have someone by our side on whom we can rely. While family members often accompany our patients from abroad, we know the importance of having a permanent contact who knows the ins and outs of the treatment processes and is eager to help with the organization of your visit. That’s where our International Office comes in. Whatever your concern, we’ve got a solution!
Our International Office personnel are the first contact point for all of our patients’ requests:
Would you like a quote?
Do you need help organizing your trip or visa?
Would you like a hotel recommendation for your accompanying relatives?
Do you have questions about your stay with us? Or a special request regarding meals, translators, or transportation?
Would you like to know which documents you’ll need for further processing in your home country?

Ask us anything, our international office is here to help!


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ATOS Clinic Heidelberg
Jessica Bernert & Jan Henzel
International Office
Bismarckstrasse 9-15
69115 Heidelberg


Phone: +49 (0) 6221 983 9200
Fax: +49 (0) 6221 983 9209

We are here for you.

+49 (0)6221 983 - 0

For an appointment, recommendations or a second opinion, please contact our International Patient Management.  Please send us the below contact form with short info about your medical problems, if any, along with your medical reports and MRI- or X-rays images, you may upload with to send to:[at]

Our specialists will be glad to evaluate within short time your documents. We will organize individually your visit, consultations and treatments from start to finish including assistance for VISA requirements.

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