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At ATOS Starmed Clinic, we believe the state of our health largely determines the state of our lives. With this understanding, we’ve brought together medical professionals who maintain a sincere passion for mental and physical health, and who have accrued years of experience in orthopedic diagnoses and treatment around the globe. As such, our highly specialized team looks forward to welcoming you into our home at ATOS Starmed Clinic Munich. 
We understand that seeking medical treatment outside of your home country may cause discomfort. When you’re in pain and hoping for a quick recovery, linguistic and cultural barriers certainly don’t help. That’s why our international team at ATOS Starmed Clinic Munich is proud to be able to provide you with a comforting and communicative recovery experience. With our top-ranked doctors who regularly contribute to global advancements in healthcare, coupled with our state-of-the-art medical equipment, we are confident that your orthopedic needs will be met with medical expertise and professionalism. 
While our reputation throughout Germany is one of quality, kindness, and efficiency, we happily provide our services to individuals from all over the world. Our doctors and staff take pride in the fact that our patients trust us to guide them towards full-range movement and an absence of pain or discomfort. Whether you’re with us for a few minutes, days, or weeks, we look forward to meeting your every need and tending to your specific desires as our patient. 
At ATOS Starmed Clinic Munich, your recovery is our priority.


Sabine Heckmann Matejec

Sabine Heckmann-Matejec


Phone: +49 89 204000-3380

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For an appointment, recommendations or a second opinion, please contact our International Patient Management.  Please send us the below contact form with short info about your medical problems, if any, along with your medical reports and MRI- or X-rays images, you may upload with to send to: international[at]

Our specialists will be glad to evaluate within short time your documents. We will organize individually your visit, consultations and treatments from start to finish including assistance for VISA requirements.

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