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ATOS Starmed Munich – a leading medical provider in a comfortable atmosphere

Located in the south-east area of Munich, we offer our patients medical treatment and care of the highest quality. Our focus is on micro therapeutic treatment methods within the fields of orthopedics and surgery, within which several procedures can be carried out gently and almost painlessly. 
In addition to “gentle surgery,” we value providing our patients with professional competence and empathetic care. Our entire hospital team ensures this, from our specialists in the fields of orthopedics and surgery to our experienced and friendly nursing staff and our administrative employees. We are always to happy to hear about you and your needs, and your comfort is of paramount importance to us, as we believe this significantly influences a successful recovery. At ATOS Starmed Clinic Munich, we take pride in our friendly and comforting atmosphere. The harmonious, trusting, and respectful coexistence of our clinical team extents to our patients.
We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic, and we’ll do everything to ensure your speedy recovery.


Specialists in orthopedics and surgery

At the ATOS Starmed Clinic Munich, seven orthopedic and minimally invasive surgery specialists are committed to your recovery. Each of them maintains a high level of expertise, professionalism, and experience. We cordially invite you to use our “doctor finder” so as to quickly find which one of our doctors specializes in your condition!



We offer our patients a wide range of treatments focused on micro therapeutic procedures – these are particularly gentle and hardly painful. In 2016, our specialists performed 1,209 treatments, including 655 knee operations, 346 visceral surgeries, and 208 shoulder operations. In addition to similar foot and ankle procedures, we also offer comprehensive physiotherapy and back therapy. Learn more about our entire treatment spectrum and individual diagnoses.

Your stay

Receive treatment in a warm atmosphere, and recover quicker!
When you stay at the ATOS Starmed Clinic Munich, we don’t only provide you with first-class medical care – we also do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable. Our experts and nurses look forward to responding to our patients’ individual needs and wishes. This is a result of our highly detailed nursing guide, guaranteeing attentive care for each patient. In order to keep up to date in scientific research, our physicians and nursing staff regularly attend academic conferences, professional conferences, and congresses. 
In our view, however, there are a few other factors that influence your recovery – such as our clinic equipment as well as our hygiene and quality standards.


Hygiene and quality

High standards of hygiene and quality are fundamental to a hospital’s success. At the ATOS Starmed Clinic Munich, we follow a strict hygiene protocol, providing employees with training and a special hygiene plan. As such, we effectively protect against infection. We also operate a strict quality management plan with the goal of maintaining effective medicine and service.


Stay and facilities

ATOS clinics do not feel like clinics, rather like hotels. You can expect modern, warmly designed rooms, equipped with flat screen TVs, toiletries, hair dryers, and further amenities, as well as free WIFI access throughout the clinic.


Our services

As a special offer, you can accommodate a friend or family member in our Munich clinic. Furthermore, on our website, we provide you with a checklist for your stay, helping with your planning and organization. You can also find more information on how we guarantee you a speedy recovery and a pleasant stay at our ATOS Starmed Clinic Munich via top-notch medicine and top-quality service. We look forward to welcoming you.


Patient testimonials

Private patients, health insurance patients, top athletes, and international patients – all of our patients can attest to the professional yet friendly treatment we’ve offered them at our Munich clinic. These positive experiences serve as incentives for our clinical team to continue providing patients with quality care. Read what our patients say about us. 

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