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Since 2008, the ATOS Clinic Munich has offered top medical care, paired with excellent service – both of which were born out of our Heidelberg Clinic in 1991. Our patients can thus expect high-quality treatment issued by specialists, as well as comprehensive person-to-person care. But that’s not enough – unlike ordinary hospitals, ATOS Munich offers you a special sense of comfort. From our cozy rooms to our modern medical equipment, our high hygienic standards to our harmonious and respectful atmosphere, a stay with us feels more like a hotel stay than a hospital stay. Our underlying principle here is quite simple: we want you to feel comfortable with us, because a quick recovery depends not only excellent medical treatment and care, but also on a psychological state of comfort.


ATOS Munich – A personalized patient-doctor system

Since ATOS Munich’s establishment, our range of services have steadily expanded. ATOS now provides 15 specialist medical services, each of which consist of a team of medical experts of various disciplines who are committed to helping you. Our special feature? Consultation hours and examinations take place within individual physician offices. Only when operation is unavoidable are we pleased to welcome you in our ATOS clinic, where our surgeons have everything they need for conducting safe and effective treatment, including the latest technologies and equipment. Furthermore, many of our doctors are partnered with ATOS Munich, thus fully supporting our clinic concept. 

Our specialists

Our private clinic employs specialists from a wide range of disciplines. Several have received medical awards, such as the well-known Focus seal. Despite our physicians’ varied backgrounds, their common ground lies in their years of practical experience, their professionalism, their high degree of empathy, and their commitment to helping patients recover quickly and sustainably. 
Get to know our ATOS physicians, their CVs, and their specialties here.



In our ATOS Clinic Munich, we offer a wide range of treatments, including outpatient and inpatient therapy. In addition to our joint specialists who look after discomfort or injuries of the hip, knee, shoulder, foot, ankle, and elbow, we also provide top doctors in the fields of plastic surgery, visceral surgery, spine surgery, and traumatology. We also provide experts in general medicine, sports traumatology, radiology, and many other focal areas. Learn more about the comprehensive treatment spectrum of the ATOS Munich Clinic and find the right specialist for you!


ATOS check-ups – prevention over reaction

Although you, as a patient, are our primary concern, we actually prefer that you avoid becoming our patient in the first place. For this reason, we provide a medical check-up at the ATOS Clinic Munich. We want you to stay healthy, rather than work towards becoming healthy. We thus involve doctors from various disciplines throughout your check-up program in order to give you a holistic, comprehensive result. We achieve this through dedicating both time and a permanent contact to you specifically. 
In order to offer proper and accurate health care services, our check-up consists of different modules. In addition to the basic check and the extended check, we also offer the possibility of checking particular modules individually. Find out more about our prevention program modules!
By the way: The ATOS check-up is also available to businesses. Learn more about how to show your employees that you care – on a fixed date, with a fixed team and, of course, under conditions of discretion. 

Your stay with us

Through our expertise, empathy, comfort and experience, we tend to your well-being!
Your health and recovery are our top priority, and we can assure you that our team at ATOS Clinic Munich is doing its best, every day. Our highly experienced doctor and nursing team are committed to your speedy recovery. Our physicians are constantly expanding their knowledge through interdisciplinary exchanges and participation in scientific congresses, conferences, and academia. As such, they are developing new, promising treatment methods, ensuring a high quality of care within our clinic. Our nursing guide enables our nurses to devote time and attention to our patients – listening to each of their individual wishes. 
In order to ensure such careful treatment, we utilize a strict quality management system within the ATOS Clinic Munich. This consists of, among other aspects, regular patient surveys and internal comparisons of all ATOS clinics. Through these methods, we seek to continue improving the well-being of our patients.


How your stay with us is special

Environment and atmosphere strongly impact your recovery – this is a fact that we at ATOS are highly aware of. Both our patient rooms as well as the entire ATOS Clinic Munich premises are thus welcoming, bright, and modern in design – as well as equipped with all amenities. Let us show you you: we are a clinic with a first-class hotel ambiance that is happy to serve you in every way possible.
As in every clinic and every hospital, hygiene plays an important role. Our hygiene officer is responsible for regularly training all employees and establishing a hygiene plan. Among other aspects, the plan outlines measures to prevent the spread of hospital germs and to protect both ATOS employees as well as patients from infections.
To round off our first-class offer as a private clinic, we also offer a variety of services, ranging from download materials to hotel recommendations. On the page “Why ATOS Munich”, you can get a better idea of what sets us apart. We look forward to meeting you!


Patient testimonials

ATOS Munich – a name that represents quality medical and nursing care paired with comfort. It is particularly important to us that our patients understand who we are and what we stand for. Read about our patients’ experience in ATOS Clinic Munich, and decide for yourself if we’ve succeed in our goal of providing excellent medical service.